flickrlib 0.5

This is a Python library that works with the Flickr API. There are a few other ones out there, like Beej’s and FlickrClient. I used both to come up with my own. Unlike the other libraries this one uses XML-RPC, that’s not necessarily good but I just thought it fit better in to Python since XML-RPC is part of the standard python library. The format that the API functions return is a nested dictionary, it might change later to something more palatable.
Other features include a streamlined authentication process and an integrated upload method.
The library currently lacks a custom error class and it is not thread safe, and when I say that I mean it will do crazy stuff if you don’t put mutex locks around calls to this library.
Anyway, this whole library came to be because I am working on a Flickr client that I will be releasing shortly. Here is how it works:

>>> agent = flickrlib.FlickrAgent(flickr_api_key,flickr_ssecret)
{u'id': u'35237103548@N01',
 u'nsid': u'35237103548@N01',
 u'text': u'',
 u'type': u'user',
 u'username': [{u'text': u'Amanda', u'type': u'username'}]}

You could get it here.