Goodbye Microsoft

Exhibit no. 1My year at Microsoft is finally over.
It’s been a good year, I am enjoying the North West, I have made new friends, and I learned plenty.
If my stint at Microsoft did anything, it made me itch even harder to get more involved in projects that are out there.I didn’t develop a taste for the Microsoft brand, and I still don’t think highly of most of their products, although knowing the people behind the software I do have a certain appreciation for a few MSFT endeavors. There are some very talented and brilliant people out here, in any other framework I think they would shine and make significant contributions to technology, but this campus somehow encourages immobility.
If I got to taste some developement here in Microsft first hand, I got more of my share of marketing.
Marketing is an intriguing line of work, please consider the following as evidence:
Exhibit no. 1 shows a picture of an Mr. Cocking who is celebrating a sale he made, the title suggests that he convinced clients to buy Windows as opposed to Linux. Does the technical merit of Windows or Linux really matter to Brett? He probably doesn’t understand his own product very well, and the customer that he made the sale to probably doesn’t either; please review exhibit no. 2
Exhibit no 2