Accercising: Shallower Than Ever

We just released Accerciser 1.1.5 today.
The learning curve for making your application accessible has just been made shallower. A long while ago Peter Parente created a plugin for Accerciser that would allow different kinds of validation for target applications, the most common use case is for developers to quickly find potential gaps in their program’s accessibility. It has been sitting in bugzilla for a long time. This has been a requested feature for a while, and I am super glad we could offer it.
Extensible extension
This validation plugin is actually extensible in itself with useful test schemas, for now we have only one schema called “Basic” which has a random collection of tests. We hope to expand this to different use cases, for example a schema for Orca developers that would help to quickly discover screen reader a11y issues with different applications.
Validation plugin screenshot