No Manischewitz For You!

I spent some time today going over some details for a Passover Seder that I am helping to organize. I needed to know how much wine is in a standard Manischewitz bottle.

Manischewitz age verification

The internet is mainly safe for children, as long as you keep them away from porn and information about Manischewitz.

I hope schools have updated their blaklisted sites on their web proxies.

No Manischewitz For You!

2 thoughts on “No Manischewitz For You!

  1. Manischewitz says:

    Manischewitz? Are you kidding? There are hundreds of kosher wines available these days, nearly all of which are vastly superior to the putrid, sugary grape juice that is Manischewitz, and many of which are first-rate.

  2. Mark Gordon says:

    I forget what brand the mohel recommended, but my son got off to a rather early start.

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