Another Speclenium and Pyia Release

I am trying my best to start a new project on Monday with a clean desk. So I made another Speclenium release.

This release does not have much new, the big changes are in pyia, the Python MSAA library, I added the option for unlocalized role names and states. This fixes some bugs when testing on localized desktops.

Pyia is really nice, if you have any use for MSAA in Windows, and you could use Python, use pyia.

Another Speclenium and Pyia Release


I have been tagged with multiple memes lately, a I have rudely ignored all of them. No more! What better birthday gift to myself than a blog post. I will now answer these memes with my own. I was tagged by Marco and Steve with the “7 things” thing, and by a couple of Facebook buddies with the “25 things” one. So I decided to reply with a “16 things” post, which I believe is the average of 7 and 25. I liked Vince‘s idea of using the top tracks in itunes shuffle mode, so I will be doing that. I will also not tag anybody, since this terrible pyramid scheme needs to die.

Before I begin, if you want to read up on antisemitism on the left, this week The Guardian had some wonderful columns written by lefty U.K. Jews on that topic. One column was followed by a rebuttal, but in my opinion both columns complement each other beautifully.

  1. Miner’s Song – Woody Guthrie
  2. How’s Chances – Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Theme From Rawhide – The Blues Brothers
  4. Pannonica – Thelonious Monk
  5. Girl From The North Country – Bob Dylan And Johny Cash
  6. Hypnotize – The White Stripes
  7. People Ain’t No Good – Nick Cave
  8. Sao Paulo – Morcheeba
  9. Land of 1000 Dances – Wilson Pickett
  10. Pulled Up – Talking Heads
  11. Walk Like an Egyptian – Bangles
  12. עמיר לב – לפעמים אני מאושר
  13. For The Damaged – Blond Redhead
  14. In My Bed – Amy Winehouse
  15. History Of Lovers – Iron And Wine/Calexico
  16. Breathless – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds