Laptop Battery Lifetime

What’s up with my battery? I got this laptop, a Lenovo T400, about a year ago, and my 4 cell battery is reporting 37.4% capacity. This sucks. I’m going to need to get a new one.
eitan@sparky:~$ cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info<br /> present: yes<br /> design capacity: 37440 mWh<br /> last full capacity: 14010 mWh<br /> battery technology: rechargeable<br /> design voltage: 14400 mV<br /> design capacity warning: 700 mWh<br /> design capacity low: 200 mWh<br /> capacity granularity 1: 1 mWh<br /> capacity granularity 2: 1 mWh<br /> model number: 42T4573<br /> serial number: 2242<br /> battery type: LION<br /> OEM info: SONY<br />
What did I do to deserve this? Any fellow Internet users know? I have been running alpha versions of Ubuntu often, has there been some major power management bug that may have killed my battery? Have my usage habits been destructive? I can’t think of any awful abuse that I put my battery through.