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I am up and traveling more than usual this summer. Which is great, although I really would like to spend as much time as possible up in the North West before it gets cold and dark again.

I am now at UDS Karmic (come say hello!), and it takes a while to explain to folks where I live, and what is up with me. I moved out of my Tel-Aviv apartment last week, and I am couch surfing (thanks Emily!) in Seattle next week, looking for a home. Oh, and once I land in Seattle, I will go right back to the airport and spend the weekend in the Bay Area for a JVP conference.

Thanks to the GUADEC travel committee, I will be attending Gran Canaria! I didn’t really plan to attend this year, but now that I am, I need to take advantage of the time there to the max. I’ll be cheering Ara when she presents the desktop testing project, and I will be unofficially unvieling LDTP2. I also want to catch up with folks on the a11y front, there has been some excellent work lateley: D-Bus AT-SPI is taking shape, UIA, Orca is becoming slick, and MouseTrap is neat. There is also plenty of chllanges ahead, namely WebKit and the audio/speech stack. I’ll also try to make myself as useful as possible to the event organizers.