Caribou Week 2.98

That diagram I drew up earlier this week? I finished implementing it. It is in the badly named ‘geometry’ branch. I decided to take a day or two and redo some of the C stuff in Vala, with the hope that it will make life easier when I start adding a bunch of classes and create the DBus bits. I regretted it when I found myself hand editing vapi files and amending GIRs generated by valac, but all in all, I am pretty happy with the choice.
If I could be sentimental for just one paragraph and say that all the hard work folks have put into GObject introspection is finally paying off. Big time. Transitioning between all these different languages at will is really amazing. I think we are entering a perfect storm where we have an extremely competitive developer story. There is really nothing quite like this. Yay.
Since I spent this week shuffling deck chairs, I don’t have any exciting new visuals. Hopefully soon.