Changing Gecko Git Mirrors

You may have read the news that Ehsan will be end of lifing his github gecko mirror.
Having a current mozilla-central mirror on git has contributed to my mental health, and has generally allowed me to be a better human being and not drown in self pity and misery. So thank you Ehsan.
Luckily, the RelEng team has picked up the baton, and have a git mirror of their own running. So go clone it. Unfortunately the commits do not share the same SHA1 as Ehsan’s repo. So you can’t just switch the remote URI. Also, after you clone, you will need to migrate your branches over. There might be ways to do this in a bulk-ish way, but I only have one branch that I really care about, and I will keep the old clone around for a while if I need to pick something up from an obscure branch. So I did this off the top of my head:
<br /> [eitan@mozbox Mozilla]$ cd mozilla-central-old/<br /> [eitan@mozbox mozilla-central-old]$ git checkout a11y<br /> [eitan@mozbox mozilla-central-old]$ git format-patch master..a11<br /> 0001-Bug-942991-Updated-virtual-cursor-navigation-sounds.patch<br /> 0002-Bug-942994-Introduce-clicked-sound.patch<br /> 0003-supress-error-when-trying-to-activate-invalid-access.patch<br /> 0004-hide-visual-cursor-when-vc-is-null.patch<br /> 0005-some-cursor-control-tweaks.patch<br /> 0006-start-of-new-dialog-focus.patch<br /> 0007-Only-blur-focus-if-new-pivot-position-is-not-focused.patch<br /> [eitan@mozbox mozilla-central-old]$ cd ../gecko-dev<br /> [eitan@mozbox gecko-dev]$ git checkout -b a11y<br /> [eitan@mozbox gecko-dev]$ git am ../mozilla-central-old/000*.patch<br /> Applying: Bug 942991 - Updated virtual cursor navigation sounds.<br /> Applying: Bug 942994 - Introduce clicked sound<br /> Applying: supress error when trying to activate invalid accessibles.<br /> Applying: hide visual cursor when vc is null<br /> Applying: some cursor control tweaks<br /> Applying: start of new dialog focus<br /> Applying: Only blur focus if new pivot position is not focused.<br /> [eitan@mozbox gecko-dev]$<br />