And it could get darker

We could expect an Israeli-Syrian war next summer. When it will come, it will not be a heroic battle that was forced upon us, it will have been a sound choice that the Israeli government is making today. The war’s only justification will be self-preservation, not of Israel mind you, but of it’s Olmert-lead government:

  1. Instead of risking a no-confidence vote, Olmert chose to widen the coalition to include Lieberman, a racist, and his party. With such members in the coalition it would be unimaginable to reply positively to recent peace feelers. As a matter of fact, diplomatic initiatives on any front are out of the question with such a broad coalition.
  2. The state and defense leadership are today under harsh criticism for their faltering performance during the past war, and under heavier criticism for not initiating an effective fact finding committee. What they all pray for is another war, and quick. From top to bottom, the system is convinced, that they could get it right the next time, and such a success would eclipse all of their past inadequacy.

Yes, an agreement with Syria means returning the Golan, this is not news, this is very old news. For almost 40 years we knew that this would be the price for a comprehensive peace with Syria. After this predicted war, the price of peace will still be the same, one Golan Heights. Everybody knows that the question is not if we will ever return the Golan to Syria, but when. Why are we hesitating?
So why are there no public figures in Israel who are crying out about this obvious future crime? Simple, the vast majority of the political leadership is in the government, and they are an accomplice to all of the above. Almost the entire political spectrum is in one big boat, and they will do and say anything to keep themselves and their careers afloat for just one more day.
And we will all pay the price.