Um Shmum

When I hear family and friends express frustration with the U.N.’s actions I wonder when will we, as a Jewish nation, notice that we have been shooting ourselves in the foot repeatedly, by helping destroy the entity that was founded to protect people exactly like us.

On June 26th, 1945 the United Nations Charter was signed by 50 nations in San Francisco, immediately following WWII. It’s main goal was to prevent the tragadies of global war and genocide. It was founded as a protector of minorities and disenfranchised people world wide, and a conduit to avoid armed conflict by diplomatic means.
The prevalent example at the time for a disenfranchised minority were the Jewish survivors of the mechanized Nazi killing machine, and the U.N. was quick to provide a long lasting solution for the Jewish people: a state of their own. This happened with Resolution 181 that was voted in on November 29, 1947.
In 1955, Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister (but then only defense minister), suggested forcefully expelling all Fedayeen fighters outside of the Gaza strip. Prime minister Moshe Sharet objected, saying the U.N. would not allow such an action, and that it must be respected, since without the U.N. Israel would not have been founded, to which Ben Gurion replied “Um Shmum” (Um is U.N. in Hebrew, “Shmum” is a dismissive).
Since that day the U.N.’s general assembly and security council have passed over 100 resolutions regarding Israel, the majority of which condemn Israel for various actions, from military aggression, to down right war crimes and human right abuses.
Today, Israel’s government and it’s “friends” see the U.N. as a weak, antisemitic, and useless organization. And reject it’s resolutions again and again. For 50 years the U.N. has been hindering Israel with such petty issues as human rights, and unchecked aggression. But luckily for Israel, it has a super power as it’s ally, so it does not need to conform to the same international laws that were inspired by tragedies in the likes of the Holocaust.

The latest outrage is Israel’s success in undermining the U.N.’s fact finding mission headed by Desmond Tutu.

Um Shmum

2 thoughts on “Um Shmum

  1. ohad says:

    sorry eitan , but this is just a bunch of crap. at 1973 there could have easily been a second holocaust here (in israel) , and the chances are that it might still be possible , and the UN is doing nothing to prevent it. how can it , with more than 40 islamic countries voting against israel on every subject ? how can we trust an organization that constantly compares our actions to the worst of war criminals ? how can we forgive an organization which helped hizballa kidnap three of our soldiers in 2001 ?
    forgive me for saying , but you can go on and live your ignorant life back there wherever you are in the united states – you have no right to judge us.

  2. Eitan says:

    Thank you Ohad for your unique perspective. Your historical account is riddled with propaganda. Obviously we will not agree, and there is no real point in debate since I don’t think either of us will sway the other’s opinion.

    About my right to judge: Even if I had absolutely no personal investment in Israel’s fate (which I do), I would still have every right to judge, and judge harshly. Israel would not be able to detain a single Palestinian, or build a single settlement if it weren’t for U.S. approval. Israel remains ambivalent to international law and norms only because the U.S. (which defies international law too) allows it to. If this isn’t enough, Israel would not be able to engage in a single military misadventure if the U.S. wasn’t picking up the bill, which ignorant people like myself are paying for.

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