I *heart* Translators

I know that I am supposed to be all gratuitous and all when it comes to translators who do a thankless job, and improve software by orders of magnitude to make them accessible to many locales. I usually am very thankful.
In the past month I have briefly turned my back Accerciser trunk, and in that time some cuddly translator managed to bugger it not once, but twice.
Once when someone uncommented a comment in the LINGUAS file, which resulted in an unconfigurable tree. Another time when someone changed a *.po file to have executable permissions. This was more annoying, since there is some script there in s.g.o’s guts that rejects any commit if the repo has an executable. Now you know me, I never look at the output message after I commit to SVN, especially now since I am doing it through git. Result: all my commits to Accerciser in the last month have been rejected, and I never realized it.
I know what you all are thinking:

  1. Why don’t you just look into the Subversion history, and see who is messing with you? Well, I prefer to remain ignorant, and make sweeping accusations – I am bored.
  2. How in hell did an executable po file get into the repo in the first place? I don’t know, and searching for the answer might lead me to the answer of the first question, so I won’t bother.