eMusic In Banshee

I have been an eMusic subscriber for quite a while, before DRM-free music was cool. It’s always been a bit clunky when purchasing music, you download some weird XML file that is supposed to be handled by their download manager which is a full-blown app. I always ended up downloading the file to my desktop, running a Python script called dromanova.py which would download the MP3s to ~/media, and then import them manually into Banshee.

No more!

eMusic In Banshee

8 thoughts on “eMusic In Banshee

  1. antimonio says:

    but how?

    I mean, you downloaded a free sample? or was it a purchase? and did you modify banshee to handle this??

    1. Oh hum, OK!
      I would like to have Banshee handle EMX files by default, but they have no special mime content-type besides application/xml. Any ideas?

  2. Perhaps the package containing the plugin could ship the MIME type info in a file used by shared-mime-info by placing it in /usr/share/mime/packages. Many other applications are doing this as well, e.g. seahorse and brasero, the latter closely matching what you describe here.

    (I don’t read follow-ups on this post — please mail me instead, thanks!)

  3. Johan says:

    I love this! Absolutely great! The eMusic download manager was getting on my nerves, and combined with the stupidity that is Firefox’s file handling I drove me crazy, and soon I can enjoy my music experience. Awesome!

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