Accessibility Hackday

Everyone headed off to hear the CSUN keynote. I am here with Steve Lee looking over my shoulder.

We had some good discussions today, actually a lot of it. My brain is switching contexts on average every minute, I’ll try to be more focused and switch tasks every 5 minutes instead.

I am looking forward to taking testimonies from users we run into and posting it to this here blog.

Hope others fill in the details on the actual discussions soon, or I will have to.

Accessibility Hackday

2 thoughts on “Accessibility Hackday

  1. The CfP may have been closed already, but I would *love* to have a session dedicated to a11y during GUADEC. If there would be such a session, maybe I could get local Dutch a11y professionals interested to attend as well. Feel free to mail guadec-list to discuss this if you like!

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