Google Inbox Notifications

Do you use Google Inbox? Do you miss getting notifications on your desktop when new mail arrives? In Gmail you could opt in to get desktop notifications, and the tab title reflects how many unread messages you have.


I made a Firefox addon that brings that functionality to Google Inbox. It gives you a notification when new mail arrives and updates the pages title with the unread mail count. You can get it here!

Google Inbox Notifications

4 thoughts on “Google Inbox Notifications

  1. Mattias says:

    Sounds useful!
    Just a thought that hit me…. since it is written in JS, would it be hard to turn it into a gnome-shell extension? Maybe even use the Google Online Account info for authentication?

    1. Eitan says:

      Possible! I think you already get that functionality with any desktop mail client like Geary or Evolution, no?

      1. Mattias says:

        Well, using Geary or Evolution for Gmail will probably get you some notifications. However, if you are a Inbox user I don’t see why you would use Geary or Evoluiton, since that will bahave totally different than the Android/Webb client. Also, I would guess that the notifications will be “all or nothing” and not respect the notifications configured in Inbox. I have a lot of grouped mails that I don’t want notifications for, I assume that Evolution/Geary still will notify for them.

        So a persistant notification for people using the Web or a web application for Inbox would have its purpose, to let users recieve “real” Inbox notifications without having the Web/Web application open.

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