Hello Planet

The rumor is that I am aggregated on Planet Gnome, thanks Jeff for adding me. This is so exciting. Behdad just gave me a tip of the hat (thanks!), so I guess it is time for an introduction.
I have been a GNOME user since some time in the late 90s, and an abuser for the last couple of years. Besides some silly personal projects, my first real code contribution was probably Avatar support for Gossip. Later I spent some time migrating Gossip over to Telepathy, at some point that burnt me out, but Xavier Claessens persevered, and today we have Empathy.
I started my accessibility work when Peter Parente, George Kraft IV, and Cathy Laws took me on board as a contractor at IBM to work on LSR, it was a bunch of fun. When IBM decided to shut down their Linux accessibility efforts, the group introduced me and Scott Haeger to Aaron Leventhal, who helped us secure grants for continuing are Linux accessibility work. Scott since then has made huge steps in helping to make the web, specifically web applications accessible from Firefox on Orca, as you know this Internet thing is very trendy and catching on. In the meanwhile I finished work on Accerciser, joined the Orca team, and raised a rabble. You could read all about that on my previous post.
Working with the Orca folks, Rich, Joanie, Michael, Scott, and Will has been all fun and laughs.
My current project involves contracted braille support for Orca. This is a much often requested feature, and I look forward to making a difference in this space. I spent most of my time until now in Orca’s underbelly (migrating to a new client library, performance work, etc.) and it will be nice to make a real usable difference for a change.
That’s it. I hope you are all at the edge of your seats waiting for the next post.