Short Days and Long Nights

I was the fortunate winner of two special things in the last local JVP benefit auction: Knitting lessons from Wendy, and monthly music mixes from Mike. Although I am an eager learner, I thought crafty Terah might enjoy knitting lessons a lot. So Wendy is teaching Terah to knit. I am closely watching the progress as the stitches are straightening out.

Album Cover

Mike has put his whole heart in to making personal monthly music mixes for me. The first one, January: Short Days and Long Nights, arrived in the mail a week ago. It has been a joy to listen to, I have it mostly on constant loop. Mike put together a diverse collection of music with subtle hints of the disc’s theme. I put together an internet radio station that plays the mix in a loop for all you out there to enjoy.

You could start listening here.

Short Days and Long Nights

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  1. ethana2 says:

    Oh yeah –if you speak french, german, or spanish, we already have. I don’t know why english is lagging behind so much.. kind of bugs me, mainly because it’s my native tongue.

    That said, it’s a horrible language and I’m not blaming most europeans for not using english, I’m just wishing more americans and UK citizens used CC..

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