Artemis Cafe

Last night I went to a Vanadu dinner, or a Vannadinner. I know what you are all thinking, “Vanadu? Is that a van full of commuters who go to work at Microsoft every day together and talk on the way about nothing in particular?”, the answer is yes. Not such a long time ago I used to work in Redmond too. The absolute best part about this period was the commute in Vanadu. So Vince let me know about an upcoming Vanadu social gathering, I was so excited to talk about nothing in particular again. It turned out that I didn’t really get to idle with the folks I knew since Vanadu has moved on since I left, and found other regulars, but the conversations were just as unimportant as usual, so I was not disappointed.
The Vanadinner took place in at Artemis which just opened this fall. The owners, Boris and Oscar, are ex Microsoft employees. And FOVs (Friend Of Vanadu). So it was nice to have it there. It’s also two blocks from my home. From people were saying the food is lovely, it is a lot of meat and seafood, so I didn’t really have anything special, but I bet with time they will discover the hidden demographic of vegetarian foodies. But I found solace in their excellent hot totties.
Water bottles at Artemis