X Marks The Spot

This weekend I spent some extra time in front of the computer. I was itching to get some kind of geotagging support into F-Spot. It was a fun ride, I got to relearn C# and use Monodevelop. Both of which are swell, it is a real plush experience. And Stetic is neat.

Screenshot of geotag extension

Anyway, this extension allows you to take a GPS track file, and correlate it with photos using the EXIF timestamp. The result is a collection of automatically geotagged photos. You could see my start of a geotag collection here.

You could get this work in progress with SVN:

svn co http://monotonous.org/geotag/geotag

To do:
– Tag multiple versions, now only the default version gets tagged (maybe
that is enough?).
– Deal with RAW. I didn’t even test this, or for that matter anything
– Allow timestamp adjustments in the dialog. My Canon digital rebel does
not provide a way to synchronize the clock very well, so the timestamp
will never be very accurate (I heard you could do that in Nikon, but
don’t get me started!).

Far future:
– Include a map widget. Unless you are a dork like me walking around
with a GPS logger, this extension is useless. A map widget will allow
people to review the coordinate info, and easily adjust it. I could
personally live without the map now, because I upload pics to flickr,
and it does the pretty map bit for me.

X Marks The Spot

5 thoughts on “X Marks The Spot

  1. At first glance, it seems to be a bit hard to see what belongs to what. Is the start date and end date for individual photos or for all of them?
    Other quick nitpicks would be the the icon used for “Show in map”, that makes no sense at all, better show no icon at all (that also makes the text centered in the button, so it will look a bit nicer). Same with “load track” and “clear”, the misalignment of the icons are quite off.
    I guess the word OK should also be replaced with the action you are about to make.

    Ugh, that sounded like Im totally racking down on your hard work, but the feature is actually totally sweet, just needs some small UI love.

  2. I hope this will pick up the timestamp from the ctime of the file in case the photos don’t have EXIF tags. For example when using a laptop and webcam, some mobile phones or very cheap cameras there are no tags but the files still have accurate ctimes.

    It might also be useful to indicate the format of the GPS tracks accepted in the GUI. I guess it has to be a GPX file?

  3. Eitan says:

    Thanks for all that. I went back and fourth on the interface so many times. It definitely needs UI help. Another bothersome aspect is that for now you could only select photos by dragging them from the main view.

    It picks up whatever timestamp f-spot provides, I believe that f-spot uses ctime when no EXIF data exists, but I am not sure.
    About the GPS data format, yeah for now it is just GPX, but I would be happy to add more formats if you could send me samples.

  4. Hi,

    If you add timestamp matching, can you do such that I can just make a photo of my gps device when it shows its time, and use that photo as a matching hint for the gps track? I hope you understood what I meant. 😉

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