X Marks The Spot

This weekend I spent some extra time in front of the computer. I was itching to get some kind of geotagging support into F-Spot. It was a fun ride, I got to relearn C# and use Monodevelop. Both of which are swell, it is a real plush experience. And Stetic is neat.
Screenshot of geotag extension
Anyway, this extension allows you to take a GPS track file, and correlate it with photos using the EXIF timestamp. The result is a collection of automatically geotagged photos. You could see my start of a geotag collection here.
You could get this work in progress with SVN:

svn co /geotag/geotag%3C/pre%3E

To do:  
– Tag multiple versions, now only the default version gets tagged (maybe  
that is enough?).  
– Deal with RAW. I didn’t even test this, or for that matter anything  
– Allow timestamp adjustments in the dialog. My Canon digital rebel does  
not provide a way to synchronize the clock very well, so the timestamp  
will never be very accurate (I heard you could do that in Nikon, but  
don’t get me started!).  
Far future:  
– Include a map widget. Unless you are a dork like me walking around  
with a GPS logger, this extension is useless. A map widget will allow  
people to review the coordinate info, and easily adjust it. I could  
personally live without the map now, because I upload pics to flickr,  
and it does the pretty map bit for me.