Obama's Missing Backbone

Barack, when someone accuses you of being Muslim, and catches you in non-Western garb. Why don’t you call out their racism and bigotry, instead of hiding behind your family bible? After the embarrassment we had in the last 8 years, I would hope the next leader of the free world could call out hate and xenophobia when she/he sees it.
For the last year I have been patiently waiting for the presidential candidates to be more eloquent about their mid-east peace policy, and to abandon the empty AIPAC rhetoric that every presidential hopeful must adopt. The truth of the matter is that up until now, their amorphism on the subject has been unchallenged by the media or their rivals. No more!
Ralph joined the race, and hopefully will help bring the debate up a notch. In the first few minutes of his presidential bid, Nader managed to challange Obama’s mid-east stance.
I don’t have much hope that Nader will be our next president, but I am hopeful that he will help keep the Democrat candidate honest, or at least make the hypocrisies clear. Ralph, I’m glad you are in my neighborhood.