Banshee Accessibility: It Talks!

Instead of showing cryptic Accerciser screenshots, I went ahead and created a screencast of Banshee working with Orca.
Orca and Banshee screencast
I forgot to demo a few things, but you get the idea, Banshee works with Orca. I started a Banshee Orca script that enables such prettiness as synchronized seek bar reports. You could get it from the bug report, or an updated version from my Orca git branch. You could also keep track of all the Banshee a11y work through my Banshee git branch.
You will notice a few moments of awkward silence, there still is plenty of work to do, particularly with the SourceView on the left hand side: Both visible focus indication and some ATK instrumenting are missing.
Anyway, real life is going to call me soon, so I hope y’all enjoyed this as much as I did. I also hope these things find their way into trunk in one way or another. If I see that this is under popular demand I will try to keep my ppa current.