Can’t get enough of it. I lurv Git.

If anything is worth doing, it could be done with Git.

Over the past few weeks I have written pre/post hooks and new Git commands for the most esoteric tasks.

I think Git overshadows any other achievement that Linus guy ever had. He should stop working on that hobby kernel, and put more time into Git, I think it has potential.

I need to migrate this blog to being Git based…


5 thoughts on “Git

  1. Tommy says:

    Linus has started two very great things. an complete operating system called Linux (it has no GNU parts at all. GNU people can go tweak their GNU Mach kernel and Hurd operating system) and great version control system called GIT.

    One man has greated something what has rolled almost whole world around, but not just once but two times. And when counting other times what he has be doing, he has 100% success ration.

    Same level goes many other F/OSS coders who have started projects like KDE and Gnome. And kudos to all developers who have invented time to all these.

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