What I Did Today Before 9 AM

I needed a non-interactive way of generating PDFs from websites. I really liked Midori‘s output, so I figured doing the same with the Python WebKitGtk bindings would be easy.

So I created a tool called interwibble, you could get it from my github repo.

There are probably other tools out there already that do the same thing, but I couldn’t find any.

This has been something that I have wanted more than a decade ago, when I thought it would be really cool to have a daily newspaper waiting on your printer every morning when you wake up.

What I Did Today Before 9 AM

7 thoughts on “What I Did Today Before 9 AM

  1. Eitan says:

    wkpdf is for mac only, it seems.

    Totals grouped by language (dominant language first):
    python: 82 (100.00%)

    Totals grouped by language (dominant language first):
    cpp: 2796 (89.64%)
    sh: 323 (10.36%)

  2. Hi,
    thanks for the pdf export tip. I would like to use your idea in RedNotebook, but version 1.1.5 of pywebkitgtk (Ubuntu 9.10) seems to be buggy. Your script writes “Exporting PDF… Done.” and then never exits. Which pywebkitgtk and webkitgtk versions did you use?

    1. Eitan says:

      I am using Ubuntu 9.10 as well:
      python-webkit 1.1.5-1

      It is probably something to do with the GTK mainloop, it should quit right after exporting.
      Are you running this from command line?
      Do you get a PDF file?

  3. Yes I ran it from the command line and I go the pdf file. Any ideas what could be going wrong?

    Also I had to include gtk.gdk.threads_init() to make the script work. Otherwise only a warning about glib would come up. It’s strange that you’re not experiencing this.

    1. Weird, I installed Karmic from scratch and this time I get the same issues you do. The good news is that I fixed it! It’s up on github.
      What architecture are you using? I switched to amd64, so that might be it?

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